Pay Your Bills Securely In Seconds

Pay Your Bills Securely In Seconds

‘Bank Fraud 1’, my call list showed this name after almost a year and then I remembered that fraudulent calls still happen and our ATM transactions are always at risk in spite of having improved vigilance. If a simple phone call can extract all our personal and financial details, then what about the numerous online transactions we do through mobile and laptops?

Payment gateways are not just entrance and exit points for your beloved earnings, but a foolproof money transmitting channel fully secure from encryptions. Payment service providers give utmost priority to the privacy and security of the data passing through their gateways.

What are actually payment gateways and how are they different from merchant accounts?

You have money in your account maintained at a bank or financial institution. There is an online retailer who has a merchant account into which you are entitled to pay the amount for the products you are buying. This transfer of payment takes place through a dedicated private channel called the payment gateway. It is actually a merchant service by a provider who is authorized to maintain a passage for online and virtual machine payments and not exactly an account where you save and deposit money. Apart from standalone payment service providers, banks and other financial institutions can also provide gateways to their customers.

Through a payment gateway, you can carry out financial transactions through the following modes:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit card/ shopping card from banks or the source of your account
  • Membership cards from merchants and shopping sites
  • Digital wallets or online payment systems
  • Internet banking through your bank account
  • Digital currency payments like bitcoin (make sure your bitcoins are earned from authentic platforms and do not go by unidentified reviews or claims like QProfit System scam)
  • Other financial service providers

How does it work for security?

When you proceed for payment after completing the order details through any of the aforementioned modes, the financial details from your browser is sent through a Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption to the web server of the merchant. Thus your transaction details including the amount are directly sent to the payment gateway making you free from further login, logout and security checks in the merchant account. The payment gateways provider gives an additional security through a second SSL encryption and converts this XML message to that handled by the electronic transfer switches and then to your account or card provider for authentication through the respective payment processor.

The authorization message is again picked up by the payment processor and sent to the payment gateway and the authorization process is continued usually till the merchant ships the order and finally, the order is cleared after repeated cycles of authorization.

Too many steps but, at ultrasonic speed? Everything, for your security and completing your order in seconds.

Tips To Choose The Right Trading Asset

Although many are familiar with the trading practice, they hesitate to pursue the practice, as they are not sure what to trade or what would be considered suitable for them to trade! Sometimes, when you have too many options, as in the case of trading assets, it is easy for you to get overwhelmed, especially if you are a beginner! But, with these simple tips to your rescue, you can easily fix that perfect asset and start trading immediately to gain the desirous profitable results!

  • The trading hours

Not every asset type is available during every time zone and therefore, you have to consider this factor while choosing the specific asset! For example, in the case of stock trading, the market operates according to the respective time zone, that is, American stocks in the American hours, the Asian stocks in the Asian hours and so on! Therefore, staying on the one side of the world if you are trying to take part in the opposite world’s stock practice, then you have to compromise by staying active during the respective market hours!


  • The trend

You can follow the trend to pick the specific trading asset that might yield you the profitable results, at least, during the given time period! For example, the current favorite of the trading market is the cryptocurrency, which you can trade more profitably and confidently by resorting to the automated trading way! The automated trading way is an effortless trading way, as the technicalities and difficulties that are involved in the trading practice are carefully taken care of by the respective trading system! But, the scams are very much prevalent in here and hence, always check is it a safe trading platform before signing up for the service!


  • The trading asset(s) offered by the platform

Once you have chosen the reliable trading platform, preferably the automated one if you are a beginner, you can certainly go with one or more of the asset choices offered by the system! Yes, there isn’t any rule that one has to trade only one asset at a given time. In fact, it is always advisable to diversify your asset choices as that would make your situation any day balanced and fairly protected against the market risks!


  • Your trading goals

If you are a risk-loving trader then, you can choose those high-risk trading assets after thoroughly understanding its ways! But, on the other hand, if you would love to play safe then, choose the well-established trading asset that has the long-time backing of the traders from all over the world!


 How do the Cryptocurrency exchanges work?


Using the crypto exchange to trade in the asset class is the simple and easiest way for investing from a trader’s perspective, the online market is thriving up with brokers, agencies, firms who are making a good deal n buying, selling currencies across exchanges worldwide. Before investing through the online exchanges the investors should be careful about not being scammed into lucrative profits and shady deals which will wipe off all the hard-earned liquid money which will vanish off with the sunlight.

Why cryptocurrency Exchanges?

  • the greatest advantages of going through exchanges are the variety of the currencies offered and the positioning of the investor to take risk-based investments according to the market dynamics
  • in one way these exchanges regulate the movement of more than 1100 cryptocurrencies which are existing today, however, investors may not be aware that some of them are not doing as great as they are
  • the safety aspect is important while trading in the digital space, as the escrow system of payment, the sellers transfer the coins to the buyers send the payment, which secures the entire digital process
  • another feature of the exchange is a very useful medium, is the exchange of the digital currency into the physical currency of the traders choice, in case one requires US dollars in exchange of the coin currency, how is it possible to exchange, the only answer to it is through the cryptocurrency exchanges
  • the necessary liquidity to sell the coins and change it to physical currency or buy cryptocurrency as well is only possible through these exchanges, imagine you want to sell the coins, and you have no buyer, that is impossible today as there is always a buyer and a source waiting to buy the crypto coins
  • using the software platform like QProfit System which operates via the exchange to complete the transactions is again a safe way to understand that the trading platform is not a scam, as the exchanges are regulated to a great extent today

The investors have the leverage to buy the coins during the ICO and sell it when they appreciate is a yet another way to get a good return on the initial amount invested. The investors have to be careful of not leaving their coins in the open exchanges as there are chances of them being hacked or stolen from the public wallet




Exploring the different types of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency is making waves in the market as even ordinary people from around the globe are trading in this currency and making big money. It has revolutionized the online trading sector. With the advent of the internet, all the people can access the market at their fingertips. Even there are mobile apps which will help you to trade the cryptocurrencies using your mobile phone. The trading can be conducted on the go.

The automated trading robots like crypto VIP club not only assists the trader to conduct trading but also it helps all the members to come together and share their opinions. It acts as a platform for learning from other experts in the field.  In addition to this, there are many learning materials and reports available which you can access any time. All you wanted to know about can be read in this review.

There are many cryptocurrencies which you can trade.  Each digital currency has varied capabilities and it is depended on a different purpose for which the currency has been created.  Even though these currencies are traded to earn a profit, many were not developed as investment vehicles. Listed below are the few popular cryptocurrencies.

Different types of virtual currencies

Bitcoin- This is the first currency that has been developed and the most popular one. The users in the network of bitcoin, who are known as the bitcoin miners validate all the transaction which passes through the transaction network using the computer-intensive software. It was created initially as a decentralized system for global payment. But now they are also considered as a speculative investment and are traded in large volumes.

Litecoin- Litecoin also has been developed as means of electronic payment.  The transactions on this network are processed quickly and now there are more of this currency in circulation compared to other bitcoins.  Few of the users see it as a backup or lighter version of bitcoin.

Ethereum- It runs open software platform using the blockchain technology.  It can run programs, process contracts, and transactions. It allows the developers to run any program, even in any language on the decentralized single platform.  In this blockchain, the miners earn ether, the crypto token which drives the entire network. This currency can be used to pay the services and fees within the network.

Ripple- This was created to complement the bitcoin currency by letting all the currencies to be exchanged between users.  It is a database wherein the users can transfer and store any currency in the protected network.


One Stop Online software trading blog-Cyber mentors

The key to understand the knowledge is the path to a success in any field, investing in gaining a complete understanding on the basics will reap the interest benefits in the long run. While many want to get success in the forex markets not many taste success, which is logical and gives way to the analogy that no preparation and jumping to trade and invest in Forex markets is a sure way to lose the money owning to the volatility of the markets in general.

How is forex knowledge helpful?

Finding the right way to get the crux of any information and its source is really helpful in understanding the concepts well and ease in trading.

  • use quality material, videos and study material from the internet and research well once to use your own intuition and knowledge on the subject, as mere belief, in what lot of websites provide could be like smoke screens which will vanish once it is put in practice
  • while reading blogs understand the basics and suggestions, they are paid to write hence jumping on the opinion to invest a million in a particular currency would be drastic without understanding the dynamics of forex trading
  • Learning every piece of information and using it slowly and wisely is better way to put the information in practice, use it as appoint to point short note to remember while trading, like when to leverage, what commodities to invest in?
  • The investment today also includes digital assets in a decentralized markets, hence learning to use the software open source win demo sessions like trading in the broker’s platform, gives a huge real live experience of how fast the moves have to be to avoid losses.
  • there are robots, visit the website  to know more, which are trading on the user’s behalf which again an additional way to learn how the trade signals are picked and executed at a very fast pace, bridging in the smallest difference in the currency markets,
  • Online forex looks very lucrative with a host of websites claiming to give a sky high payout, which should be verified before availing their services.

Forex trading online for sure has become easier than said, however gaining knowledge, keeping in mind a few pointers above could save your day in investing a huge amounts and getting nothing in return. As profit and loss are like two sided coin in this form of trading, one has to understand that they cannot make a windfall gain overnight, it is like win more, lose a little which one has to be conscious about.

John Tolva President

John Tolva brings his leadership skills to PEP to enhance its data-driven decision-making tools and models for sustainable new building design, retrofits, and urban master planning. In addition, he will work to bring high-performance engineering principles to bear on the new ecologies created from the proliferation of networked objects, known as The Internet of Things, that contribute to urban experience.

John’s career has focused on developing and applying technology to improve the urban environment. From 2011 to 2013 he was Chief Technology Officer for the City of Chicago, leveraging technology to streamline public services through more efficient data-sharing, digital communications, and next-generation infrastructure. He led the development of ‘The City of Chicago Technology Plan’, an initiative that sets forth a series of public-private strategies to accelerate economic growth, build educated and digitally-engaged communities and workforce, improve government services, and reduce costs through technology.

In 2012, the White House recognized John as a ‘Champion of Change’ as part of a group of creative individuals engaged in building stronger communities through innovative approaches to problem-solving.

The search for a good profit making income solution over the internet will give more than a ton of search results which makes the users experience more daunting to analyze and invest in the most commendable and authentic form of online trading software. With digital space being crowded than never before , one will be alarmed to know the amount of data generated from applications over the web are, how are they going to be cleaned up? To make cities smart, projects are aligned to have the green thumb rule to be implemented, however to deal with technology junk is a challenging task which is growing to be more stressful than ever.

More the number of software which promises a high payout, the users have become more careful in choosing the correct investment option to get the profits , without having to read through and understand concepts which could take ages to understand, Qprofit System gives the smart investment option and online trading option with the best online brokers to execute trades.

Prior to joining the City, he was Director of Citizenship and Technology at IBM Corp, where he worked on the firm’s ‘smarter cities’ initiative, advising cities how to incorporate data analytics into planning and operations. John led the CityForward project, the first global aggregator and visualizer of urban data sets. In 2006 he was honored as one of ’40 Under 40’ in the business community by Crain’s Chicago Business.

One Stop Online software trading blog-Cyber mentors

Trading based on a yes or no option seems to be a simple option, however the creator of the software which enables the user just to exercise the option would have put in years of research testing and then finally with a positive outcome circulated for the general public to take advantage of an interface which is useful in predicting a yes or no of a particular stock price at a particular time and date.

Why Binary option Trading?

Learning the profitable path of trading is the most enriching experience which one can gain from varied source of information available in the internet. However with limited understanding one can be a good investor if they have the correct strategy in place when it comes to online trading in binaries:

  • this form of betting in the financial circles depend on the yes or no of the pricing of a stock, gold, bullion, or digital assets which users can forecast with the help of tools in the software
  • the returns are more or less fixed, and cannot vary very drastically, unless it is a total loss and all the money is wiped off due to an incorrect trade signal picked, well again to pick the correct trading price point is matter of practice or just random series of options
  • the decision tools which are available again are all market driven and there are many steps which the user can take and adjust in the parameters available in the website to minimize the risk, which fairly a good advantage for the users to limit their risk

Variation in Binary Trading

With more popularity gaining in the binary option trading there are few variations which brokers adopt while placing the trades, straight from the source the betting could be on the price difference between two assets which is also termed as pair options, or using the elimination of expiry time limits also known as Kiko options. The brokers usually deal in both the ways, and one has to be aware of the way the trades are placed by the broker on your behalf exercises the best option based on the exposure limit and the risk limits.

The Snapcash Binary option software platform, for online binary option trading are all similar in how easy they have to sign up and register, the way the trades are executed is a matter of how well the algorithms are tied to the mathematical calculation in picking the trend which will give the winning trade depends on the timing and accurate prediction of the markets.

John Tolva Joins PEP As President

PositivEnergy Practice (PEP) announced that John Tolva has joined the firm as President, effective immediately. John brings his leadership skills to PEP to enhance its data-driven decision-making tools and models for sustainable new building design, retrofits, and urban master planning.  In addition, he will work to bring high-performance engineering principles to bear on the new ecologies created from the proliferation of networked objects, known as The Internet of Things, that contribute to urban experience.

The growth in the digital economy has shifted the majority of the goals, towards trading in crypto currencies world wide that regulations on them are being a much discussed topic in business forums. Leadership in any form takes lot of perseverance to hold their head high even in challenging times, and keep the economy running without letting out any intent of discord or tumultuous times ahead.

A crypto broker does all what a normal broker would do in the offline traditional stock exchange, while this post aims to suggest buy and sell strategies which are both for high and normal value of investments done by the investors. The only thing which has become faster in placing the trades are the bots which execute trades in a matter of seconds, while it takes a while longer for us to even understand the trading patterns and then place the trade.

It can be quite intriguing when the pricing trend is mapped by the brokers are just clicked away by the bots which are working on a very high speed to execute trades are the leveraging of technology in terms of betting in the financial world. With a high technology combined with a master mind to forecast on the trends and pricing of the crypto markets make the brokers more to be aligned to the traditional form of trading. However accelerating the gain of  complex mathematical combination of data helps in understanding the next move of the trades executed by the bot and hence could be a learning path for beginners in the industry.

His career has focused on developing and applying technology to improve the urban environment. Most recently John was Chief Technology Officer for the City of Chicago, leveraging technology to streamline public services through more efficient data-sharing, digital communications, and next-generation infrastructure.  Prior to joining the City,he was Director of Citizenship and Technology at IBM Corp, where he worked on the firm’s ‘smarter cities’ initiative, advising cities how to incorporate data analytics into planning and operations.

Go to Team Leadership for more. Click here for press release.

Chicago Central Area DeCarbonization Plan

PEP was part of the Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture team that developed a comprehensive sustainability plan to reduce the carbon emissions of downtown Chicago while creating a healthier, more livable city. The continued viability of cities and urban living is a core principle in the long-term idea that population growth can continue without its negative impact to the environment becoming detrimental to the planet in the form of global warming.

The Bitcoin bubble is becoming a bigger and most visited trade avenue by experienced financial experts, investors and even beginners who want to make the most when the sun is shining bright on the digital currency which is in demand more than the yellow metal-gold! With every other website promising a 99 % return on the investment could be true; however the consistency of the performance of the technology each of the software are built upon, is something the users have to execute their knowledge and intuitive capabilities before using this interface to make good profits.

Another crypto trading software in the cloud market is Bitcoin Trader platform which has been able to place trades with a high winning ratio, giving the investors the viability to make good their loses form other trades and take a winning payout. Sustaining a constant path of growth with renewable energy and clean livable space increase the chances of getting a good vibe and trading well with the help of the trading software.

The Chicago Central Area DeCarbonization Plan is a beginning process for maintaining the economic and cultural vitality of the urban core of a city, from an energy and carbon perspective. Taking a holistic approach, the Plan addresses eight strategies to augment the environmental, economic and qualitative aspects of city life: buildings, urban matrix, mobility, smart infrastructure, water, waste, community engagement and energy.

The project inspired the development of an urban parametric modeling tool that will help visualize building energy consumption and emissions at a citywide scale. Developed with the intention of monitoring and communicating all aspects of city buildings that relate to their carbon impact, current and future, the model serves a number of purposes. It is a method of analysis to inform energy oriented planning decisions including cost data, an advertising platform for companies making efficiency upgrades to their buildings, an educational tool, and a forum to raise awareness about the carbon impact of the built environment and the effectiveness and cost of strategies in place to improve these conditions.


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Anything new in the digital space today attracts a lot of visual audience, well it could be for a good publicity or fan following, or could be the act of just another negative person who is out there. a lot can be learnt from the man made wonders in the world and thanks to technology which is just out there for you to take benefit and discover and make things better for the people in the world. A man made super structure which stands tall and has the world class amenities which one can just dream of is made reality, how is this possible?

Imagine the amount of planning preparation and the intricate execution that would have been put in to make things look so good externally and internally. Leaving a carbon footprint today is no less than a crime and addiction like smoking, which is why there are groups which tie in to make positive energy practice as a way of life and let others to follow and make the world a better place for the generations which are yet to see the light of the day.

With so many efforts put to make a sustainable no energy loss, and no pollution emitted from household on one side, there are war raging countries which are yet savaged by mankind; guess that is how world would come to a standpoint where nature takes it on and then all is gone within a few seconds in the clock, reminding of the fact, just like wiping off all the amount invested through scamming software now available in the internet for the users to just sign up and trade;, Is Bitcoin Trader a scam, which most of the users will have as it promises a very high winning ratio in spite of trading in the crypto currency market which is highly fluctuating and consistently volatile. Users can invest after taking the demo version available for a small commission can use the demo version to do live trading in the broker’s trading platform, gain the real experience and then be coherent to invest.